The Mission Church Complex was considered one of the last remaining examples of an intact campus of church buildings of its kind.  Through neglect and deterioration, the convent and performance hall buildings will be replaced by two new residential buildings and the remaining historic school will be readapted for housing.  A surface parking court is designed to feel more as a courtyard by surrounding it with landscaped edges, seating areas, and a decorative scoring pattern in the paving.  A tree lined corridor between the two buildings will draw pedestrians in from the street to the space.  At the school building's entry a landscaped peninsula featuring a circular seating area with an open gazebo, serves as the focal point for the space.  Salvaged granite masonry will be reused for paving surfaces, with ornate granite lintels and sills used as seating elements.  Other features such as arched terracotta doorway tympanums will be featured as sculptural elements set on plinths and a salvaged granite pedestal will display a bronze interpretive plaque documenting the historical significance of the site.

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