A new formal ellipse garden was created on an existing plateaued area along the sloping hillside. The garden is accessed from the main house by a series of bluestone stairs and landings leading down to a round bluestone terrace with open sod joints, located at the head of the ellipse. The ellipse, with its axial symmetry, is in the traditional Italian Garden style, responding to the classical styling of the mid-19th century, brick and granite mansion. Stone dust paths define the ellipse’s perimeter and form the cross axis, framing four lawn panels. A three tiered, cast iron fountain is the focal point of the ellipse. At one end of the cross axis is a lattice enclosed rose arbor containing a bench which focuses on the fountain and across to a stairway, that leads to the lower lawn. The plantings, arranged radially around the ellipse, reinforce it’s form with colorfully textured bands of evergreen hedges, flowering shrubs, roses and perennials. The plantings provide structure for the garden, as well as color and fragrance, throughout the seasons.

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