The bold forms of the design, respond to the building’s architectural forms. while providing a snow drift buffer for the front of the building. The design consists of a water feature between the walkway and building, with five curving jets emerging from a bed of black river stones; two curvilinear hedge bands of purple leafed Berberis punctuated with columnar Junipers weave through two mounded, ground covered islands containing fastigiate Ginkgo trees. A half circle tilted plane,  4 feet at the highest point, slopes toward the new canopied walkway, providing a sense of enclosure for this new main entrance approach. The tilted plane is supported by a curved, 27’ radius wall of 1/2” cor-ten steel and sits on an askew ‘carpet‘ of groundcover. Cor-ten steel is also used as sculptural edging for the river stone water feature and the 12 foot diameter flower bed circle within the tilted plane.

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