A 250 acre farm in Kent, CT is the site of the new weekend and future retirement home for a Manhattan couple. The house is sited on the wooded upper elevations with commanding views across a lake, and beyond to the distant hills. View corridors through existing pastures and cleared openings, are framed by sculpted wooded edges. The effect is a site that reflects the principles of the 18th century English Landscape School. DBLA incorporated these historic design principals into a master plan responsive to contemporary life-style requirements. A serpentine drive winds down the slope providing a variety of visual experiences. At the entry point the drive overlooks an open pasture with views down to the lake as it curves around an old apple orchard and along side classic New England farmersí walls. A vehicular arrival area within a newly created apple grove, terminates the drive. Large fieldstone slabs lead through a covered passage to an entry courtyard. The courtyard, sculpted by descending boulder terraces and overlooks contains lush colorful plantings.

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